Groups and organizations who have collaborated with the Bluegrass Ambassadors


US State Department - Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs

We've come back from every trip we've taken with the US State Department proud of the work our foreign officers do.  This work is vital to a peaceful world and we're lucky to be a part of it.

American Voices

American Voices has helped us immeasurably on so many trips across the planet.  Check out the amazing things they do in places like Iraq and with the American Music Abroad program.  They're not just professional band wranglers, they're good guys. 

African Studies Association

We were honored and humbled to be speaking about our adventures at the 2017 African Studies Association 60th Annual meeting in Chicago.   This is where we initially connected with our board member Krystal Klingenberg.

Fifth House Ensemble

Modern and accessible chamber music?  Yeah, these incredible musicians have it down AND they bring music to people who wouldn't get it otherwise.  Plus, we were able to collaborate with them on the 'Voices from the Dustbowl' project that told the stories of migrant workers over the past 100 years.  You can read about it ➡ here.

Evanston In School Music Association

This organization got us started 5 years ago with our first full district teaching program across all schools in Evanston, IL.  

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