Interview: We sit down with Moonshine Wagon from Spain to talk bluegrass, Catalonia and more!

The following video is an interview we did on Monday Oct. 2 with the Spanish bluegrass and country band Moonshine Wagon.  Learn about the folk music in the Basque region and who these two consider their biggest influnces.   We were also able to talk some about the political strife in the Catalonia region, which is right next door to their homes in and around Bilbao.

Henhouse Prowlers release new album "Live From Kyrgyzstan".

The Prowlers trip to Kyrgyzstan was an incredible journey and for the first time ever the band is able to bring some of the trip home with them.   Every show from their 12 day tour of the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan was recorded and now select tracks have been put together into a full lenght album, including their collaboration with the local Bishkek band Ordo Sahkna.   You can purchase it here: