The Bluegrass Ambassadors are very open to collaborating with teachers and administrators to design activities and programming that apply to current class curriculum. Class sizes can range from just a few students to full classrooms and even auditoriums full of students. Check out the video below from Hanna, Wyoming, and scroll down for just a few of the types of programs the Bluegrass Ambassadors can incorporate into a school project.

Bluegrass Workshops for Music Students

Ideal for music classes, bands, orchestras, or choirs. Can be tailored to all age groups, all levels of experience.

This program will cover the history of bluegrass and how its sounds are an amalgamation of influences from across the planet. The band touches on the history of each instrument alongside the techniques used (eg. violin or fiddle). Classes with band instruments can be introduced to different techniques, singing harmonies and songs to play. Music can be sent to teachers ahead of time or songs can be taught on in the classroom setting.

Creative Writing & Songwriting Workshops

Ideal for English, Writing and Music classes 1st grade & up.  

Students will unlock the ability to write songs in a single class period. Concepts like rhyme schemes and storytelling come together quickly with every class leaving with a song they’ve written collectively and the inspiration to go home and write their own songs.

Bluegrass Ambassadors & Social Studies

Ideal for Social Studies, Geography, Government and Political Science classes.

Bluegrass and its roots in the American diaspora make for a fantastic history lesson, highlighting the migration of many cultures to America, including slavery and its direct connection to the banjo. Alongside the historical perspective, the Bluegrass Ambassadors are able to do presentations on the cultures and music of many different countries, teaching songs and sharing stories and video from their world travels.

Math and Sciences

Ideal for math classes of all ages.

A partnership with a science or math teacher can make for unique takes on teaching curriculum including:  the physics of sound, low notes/ slower vibration on big instruments, high notes on smaller - counting and measures in music - the geometry of instrument building - materials (wood, metal, plastic, more) in building a musical instrument.   

Music Business

Great for music and arts students that want a realistic and enabling view of the lifestyle of a professional artist.

Much of what young people see about the music business is what they see on TV shows like American Idol. In other words, not based in reality. Students will hear about the hard work that goes into being a full time musician, alongside the incredible experiences and payoffs for people that commit to it as a business and a lifestyle.

“Bluegrass is Fun!” for Younger Kids

Ideal for preschool through 2nd grade.

The Henhouse Prowlers get kids up and dancing quickly, teaching them simple songs to sing along with, touching on concepts such as tempo and dynamics. The group can play songs from different countries and in multiple languages, teaching students simple phrases in Swahili, German and more!