Bluegrass Ambassadors in Switzerland: Teaching French + Swiss German

This is our third time to the small town of Olten, Switzerland, and through various connections we arranged to do some programming with some school children during the day before our show. Below is a clip of us teaching Jon's "Take Me Back to You " in three different languages.

If you're curious about the process we go through to get to this point, check out this video below we had to send to Jon.  Goldfine was staying across town in another hotel (thanks to his broken ankle!)  and we had been given some help on translation from some friends. Annunciation is always an issue with our American tongues, as you'll see here. Thankfully, Chris has SOME experience with French.

Here's some more pictures from after the show when we gave the kids a chance to play the banjo, guitar and bass. The whole day was rewarding and heartwarming. (Special shout out to our translator Laura, a local 11 year old who knocked it out of the park, which coincidentally is a baseball reference that nobody gets over here.)

Ben Wright